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Node js Development

Zimo, a top node js development company, strives to provide feature-rich, high-performance, and scalable Web and Mobile Applications, serving as a one-stop shop for customers worldwide. With our current expertise and advanced skill set in NodeJS development, we are constantly ready to build NodeJS server-side apps and backend solutions.

Personalized NodeJS Development

Personalized NodeJS Development

Using NodeJS's powerful coding tools, we provide highly customized Web Product solutions. Whether you are the owner of a small, medium, or big firm, Zimo can be of assistance.

Development & Improvement of the NodeJS API

Development & Improvement of the NodeJS API

NodeJS is a JavaScript runtime used for server-side software development and is effective in real-time, data-intensive settings. Utilize our knowledge to remove flaws and improve current goods with excellent performance and cutting-edge functionality.

Improvement of Web and mobile applications

Improvement of Web and mobile applications

Products with lousy writing will undoubtedly do poorly. We may assist you with refactoring current programs to enhance performance and conform to industry standards.

Migration of NodeJS

Migration of NodeJS

Complete support and upkeep services are provided to guarantee the performance, scalability, and updating of Node.js applications. Our QA professionals will locate flaws in current apps and offer immediate help, optimization, and guidance.

Migration of NodeJS

Migration of NodeJS

Modernize your legacy and out-of-date applications with cutting-edge Node.js capabilities and intuitive interfaces. With Zimo, node js development services, you may step outside your comfort zone and acquire access to other platforms.

Consultations for NodeJS

Consultations for NodeJS

Our team of Node.js experts has extensive knowledge of the most recent JavaScript-based technologies. Utilize our technical expertise to choose the optimal solution for your company.

Services for NodeJS Development

NodeJS is a JavaScript runtime used for developing server-side applications and is effective in real-time, data-intensive environments. Zimo's engineers employ NodeJS to produce quick, scalable software, website development, enterprise web portal development, and complicated e-commerce and e-business solutions for various sectors, including healthcare, retail, and financial services.

Front-end and backend programming, specialized Node.js developers, and site design are all included in Zimo's NodeJS development services. Get top-notch Node.js consultation, development, and support from Zimo!

We safeguard our clients' privacy from threats, and we're always willing to sign NDAs for further secrecy and privacy.

An inclusive tech stack

The developers at Zimo are highly skilled in various cutting-edge technologies in addition to NodeJS. We combine expertise and skill to create feature-rich solutions that cater to your particular demands.

An individual project manager

Direct management of the node development company development process is more than welcome. You may also delegate management to a specialized PM, which will keep you informed at every stage of the process.


Professional NodeJS developers from our team will get to work on the project following the conditions and specifications set out. You may keep tabs on the development, make modifications, assign tasks, or delegate the heavy work to our project managers.


Zimo employs stringent screening procedures to identify the top NodeJS Developers in Vietnam. As a result, we can provide unmatched performance and the finest solutions for you.

A Range of Options

Our NodeJS programmers are skilled in creating complex, dynamic web applications and enterprise-level solutions.

Cost Prediction

The cost is based on how complicated the future application will be. Select the engagement model that best matches your project from our options.

The Most Effective & Popular NodeJS Frameworks

NodeJS has raised developer productivity by 68%, decreased development expenses, and improved app speed, according to the NodeJS web survey study from 2018. This is the outcome of the widely used NodeJS frameworks successfully adopted and implemented.

The most well-liked framework, Express.js, claims to be unpretentious and simplistic and has over 43,000 Github stars. Meteor.js, which has more than 40,000 Github stars and is known for developing real-time chat and massive apps, comes in second place.

Why choose us?

You can mix and match all the demos and templates. Every demo can be turned into one or multi-page with the shopping features.

As a Node JS development firm, we walk you through every step of the software development process, from idea research to post-launch maintenance. We provide practical and aesthetically designed solutions to enhance your regular business operations.

Our Node JS development firm uses technology to make it easy to adopt and maintain while also providing a high return on investment. Remember that your company's success is our primary goal, and we promise you high-quality development.

We create quick MVPs in addition to scalable, reliable, and functional apps. We track and prioritize all development tasks and activities to ensure a smooth working process and on-time delivery. We employ technology in a way that allows us to provide the most outstanding results in the least period.

Our Node JS app development firm creates original software and offers excellent communication and round-the-clock assistance. Even though our time zones are different, we adapt our communication as much as possible. We provide improvements to your web-based software to maintain it functional, marketable, and in line with your changing business requirements.

Our back-end developer node js firm produces outstanding products for customers who are happy with the cost. We can choose the appropriate web development technology for each project depending on the user base and anticipated company growth, thanks to our understanding of various web development technologies. We are a leading team of experts who understand the concept to the core. All you need to do is call us, and we will help you.

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