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Weather-related occurrences frequently have important economic effects. A product’s or raw material’s availability and demand might be impacted, as well as consumer behaviour. Heat waves raise energy consumption, hailstorms increase insurance claims, snow reduces in-store shopping but can boost online sales, and droughts increase grain prices.

There is an increasing need for study of weather and climate data to reveal how these occurrences and variations impact the Indian economy. The data from NCEI is being used by a range of third-party services to satisfy the practical requirements of businesses and their clients. These vendors, often referred to as weather report and news service providers or decision support providers, provide programmers that are specifically tailored to a variety of demands and weather-related queries. 

Third-party weather report suppliers are lowering the uncertainty of prospective market shifts by integrating NCEI data with business-specific information. Many companies often employ third-party services to research consumer behaviour, logistics, weather trends, and many other topics. Retailers, seasonal maintenance teams, transportation, law offices, and insurance businesses are a few examples of economic sectors.

Cases of Use

Weather service companies use the extensive environmental data managed by NCEI for the development of their products and services. Numerous approaches are used by weather service companies to use NCEI data. NCEI’s data are used by providers including The weather forecast tomorrow team from Zimo to offer the following services:

When a region's weather is anticipated to have an impact, energy dealers create projections for consumer demand.

Forensic analysis is used by insurance firms for weather-related incidents and claims.

Where facilities are built is decided by transportation companies so that logistics issues from fog, snow, or other weather conditions are reduced.

Retailers examine the merchandising and operational effects of seasonal trends.

Weather API and Geolocation Developer API in JSON and XML

Weather, history, astronomy, air quality statistics, sports, and much more are available on an hourly, daily, and 15-minute basis.

Register for the Free Weather API and upgrade whenever you want. Nothing long-term is committed.

We oversee the network, hardware, and infrastructure. We’ll take care of the rest while you just enjoy the weather prediction information.

All information is in the lightweight, user-friendly JSON and XML formats.

Climate News

Read about the top weather-related weather report articles from around the world from our team of Digital Meteorologists, who are always covering the latest meteorological information from the forecasting of weather Center.

Unique 3D radar

With our unique 3D mobile radar and national and local high-resolution images, experience storms like never before. You may zoom, tilt, or swipe to view the storm from any direction!

Personalized Long-Range

Forecasts With Zimo, you can schedule events up to almost a year in advance and receive notifications when the forecast changes. Zimo can assist you in tracking and planning for any event, including weddings, vacations, family reunions, and other occasions where you need to know the weather.


View and interact with the forecast for today, 14 days from now, and the upcoming 48 hours’ worth of hourly information. To receive notifications for the forecasting of weather of places that matter to you, sign up for severe weather alerts. For each location in the world, choose between hourly, daily, and historical views.

Live video streaming

Access severe weather video clips, live streaming predictions, on-demand forecasts, and more from India’s Weather Team, which is always available and doesn’t need logging in.

Make sure you grant location and push notification permissions. Create areas that are important to you, such as your house, favourite vacation sites, etc. In the settings menu, give the locales unique names (“Mom’s House”). You may pick between actual and feels-like temperatures. In the “Plan” tab, use Zimo to configure long-term forecasts for significant forthcoming events.

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