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Pay Per Click

PPC advertising allows you to buy top search engine rankings and partner websites relevant to your business. By testing keywords, company models, and market niches, pay-per-click marketing offers numerous methods to complement already-existing SEO techniques. It also enables you to construct your entire Internet marketing strategy and any SEO goals armed with facts, not assumptions. 

Finding highly specialized long-tail keywords with low search volume that have high search volume yet are less expensive to advertise on is a science.

The average
PPC in digital marketing for your campaign can be greatly reduced by using these to protect against the more expensive high-volume keywords.

PPC management options available

The main popular paid marketing services we provide are shown below. If you’re unsure of what would be the best for your company, we can offer advice on the platforms that have demonstrated the highest ROI metrics for businesses in your particular sector.

Most firms find that combining several internet advertising strategies yields the greatest results.

Google AdWords Google Ad

Zimo Google AdWords Google Ad Management

PPC advertising places you in the top rankings on search engines, bringing you immediate traffic. Most searches are made on Google, making AdWords the most efficient PPC ad platform. AdWords enrollment not only puts your website in front of searchers' eyes but also allows you to test keywords, enhancing your current SEO tactics.
Why should your advertising strategy be restricted to Google if not the entire Internet? Bing holds a 20% market share in searches made in the US. Zimo can revamp your existing campaign or get you started utilizing Bing PPC agency services.

● By matching ad aims to company goals, we assist businesses and brands in developing their advertising campaigns. We optimize ad expenditure across channels to guarantee that our customers receive great returns on each click.
● We develop compelling campaigns, content, and budgets that guarantee high-quality leads.

Shopping advertisements are available from Google and Bing, allowing you to highlight certain goods right in the search results. For practically all queries related to commercial items, shopping advertisements show above organic results, and occasionally even ordinary paid search advertising. From 7% to 16% of all search results, the percentage of search engine result pages that include shopping advertising more than quadrupled in 2014.

Zimo provides a PPC audit as a service to clients who don't necessarily want to transfer google ads agency providers or give up control of the accounts themselves but are instead searching for methods to sharpen and refine existing efforts.

Why Employ a PPC Company?

Our sponsored search services go beyond simply placing your advertisements online. We create a plan that supports your company objectives, implement it, and continuously update you on the program’s performance. Did you realize that 15% of all daily Google queries are entirely original? (Referral: Google) This implies that ten persons searching for the same thing might use various keyword variants. Pay-Per-Click advertising allows you to focus on a greater variety of keyword variants while adhering to a predetermined budget, enabling you to appear in front of niche searches that your rivals might not be aware of. 

By keeping up with the most recent search trends, such as optimizing advertisements for voice search terms that can increase your consumer reach to consumers who are using mobile voice assistants or smart speakers like a Google Home or an Amazon Echo, we can also help you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Not your typical PPC Company

When establishing a new PPC campaign, we at Zimo go through a very comprehensive procedure.

Our thorough preparation procedure gives you the competitive edge and the freedom to make changes once your program is live.

The greatest thing, though? We carry out every task!

You will have a dedicated Account Manager in addition to having direct access to an On-boarding Manager and an Executive Liaison since we take our onboarding extremely seriously (President or VP).  We are a part of the Premier Google Partner & Bing Ads Select SMB Partner Programs for a number of reasons, including our thorough Paid Search setup procedure, emphasis on customer support, and open reporting standards.  With the comprehensive analytics tracking installation that is part of our setup procedure, we can keep an eye on your application and make changes depending on the data we observe, all the while updating you on our progress and inspecting things on your end. Since we are aware that marketing isn’t everything, we will adjust the program even more once we receive feedback on the caliber of leads coming into the company.

Your detailed setup would comprise the following, depending on your business objectives:

Desktop & mobile-specific techniques

Spending on high-priority goods or services is prioritized in the budget.

Personalized, limitless keyword combinations to target qualified leads.

Ad groups with a narrow focus provide text freedom.

A number of ad extensions that persuade customers to visit your website.

The capacity to adjust your amount of rivalry with other adverts is dependent on the day, place, and device.

Campaigns with a specific regional focus, ranging from targeting by zip code to reaching a global audience.

Are you hesitant to plunge into the realm of integrated digital marketing but would want to dip your toes in the water and try out pay-per-click services? It’s no trouble! Paid search management services may be obtained on a monthly budget that is suitable for you, either as a stand-alone service or as a component of an integrated strategy that also includes Search Engine Optimization and Conversion Optimization services. Our India-based google PPC agency works with all different kinds of companies. We pledge to produce excellent outcomes whether you are a manufacturing, consumer brand, or small business.

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