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We employ cutting-edge UG NX CAD/CAM/CAE software for the whole tool and die design process. We can link planning and production with Unigraphics (UG) NX, giving your shop floor a direct route for correct machining data. NX Unigraphics is a PLM programme that supports real-time CAD (much like Comsol Multiphysics) (Computer Aided Design). It enables you to develop and test systems using a real-time physics simulation, allowing you to more quickly and effectively validate your design and identify any flaws.

UG NX is a component of the Zimo software network for 3D design, 2D layouts, surfacing, and detailing. We are able to more correctly and rapidly manufacture a range of part forms, sizes, material kinds, and complexity levels when we use UG NX as part of our surfacing and morphing services.

Our UG NX Die Designers have the technical knowledge to read, evaluate, and interpret engineering drawings, the necessary competence to decide the approach to build a design, and the creative capacity to envision the process of making metal components.

Features of CAD include Class A surfaces, freeform surface modeling, feature-based and direct modeling of parametric solids. Computer-aided industrial design, styling, and reverse engineering Mechanical piping, sheet metal design, assembly modeling, and engineering drawing (drafting)

Engineering that is assisted by computers

FEM (finite element technique) for stress analysis, kinematics, and computational fluid dynamics

CAM, or computer-aided manufacturing

CAM has been regarded as a technique for programming numerical controls (NC).

Management of the product life cycle (PLM)

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We recognise the significance of expertise here at Zimo. For many years, our business has been a pioneer in the printing sector. While we are well recognised for our continuously top-notch pre-press and commercial printing work, UniGraphic has developed experience in many other crucial services throughout time.

Today, we’re renowned as the region’s leading digital print business, offering dynamic big format printing and skilled picture retouching. As a consequence of our commitment to our art, UniGraphic services from Zimo not only provides a comprehensive variety of printing services under one roof, but also consistently produces results that are inexpensive, of excellent quality, and delivered on time.

How does this affect our clients? It entails first-proof accuracy, an unmatched color management system, knowledgeable and accommodating team members, and a dedication to the greatest tools and technology. It refers to a solution for managing digital assets that enables clients to keep their entire file archives on our secure server and access them from anywhere, at any time. Most importantly, it means that when you trust UniGraphic services from Zimo with your printing needs, we will always provide the best level of customer service and expertise.

Even though UniGraphic has more than years of expertise, we nevertheless keep an eye on the future. We hope you’ll participate in it.

It is critical to have a trustworthy partner that can offer creative ideas and services in a world that is growing quickly. That partner is Zimo Services. Everything from product development through production assistance is offered by us. Your most difficult projects may be taken on by our team of professionals.

A provider of computer-aided design software is Zimo. We serve as the company’s corporate headquarters. It was established in 1993. A range of CAD software solutions are available from the firm, including Unigraphics NX, Solid Edge, and Femap.

In conclusion, unigraphics services from Zimo is a fantastic business that offers its customers high-caliber services. They provide a comprehensive range of services that may satisfy the demands of any organization and are dependable, effective, and reliable.

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