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In terms of SOLIDWORKS PDM services, Computer Aided Technology is a global leader. We have put SOLIDWORKS PDM into use for thousands of people at hundreds of businesses. 

We can use that knowledge to help with your implementation. Implementation, migration, and customisation services are all provided by Zimo.

Profit most from your investment in PDM Professional and Standard. Zimo will install a solution that satisfies your goals and makes use of our best practices implementation templates using tried-and-true methods with distinct milestones and deliverables.

For businesses who are just beginning to use PDM Standard or Professional. The package involves setting up the fundamental Zimo template vault and making a few minor configuration adjustments to suit your needs.

For businesses who wish to set up their own product data management system but would like to begin with the fundamentals. The basic Zimo template vault is installed and set up as part of the package, with a few minor configuration adjustments.


With years of expertise supporting various data management tools, Zimo is pleased to provide the following solutions for SOLIDWORKS:

SOLIDWORKS PDM to Microsoft SharePoint Integration is a technology that makes SolidWorks PDM data accessible through SharePoint.

A method for combining two PDM vaults is the SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault Merger. For additional details, watch the video.

Using a selected prefix, the Bespoke Prefixed Part Number Tool generates custom part numbers.

A PDM add-in that may be customized to automate engineering change is called Engineering Change Solutions.

A strong tool for batch printing and PDF file production is called Batch Print and PDF Generation Tasks.

IOS application

Services of customization to raise SOLIDWORKS PDM productivity.

If your implementation needs are more complicated, computer assisted technology may assist with defining your implementation requirements, creating a strategy, and overseeing project deliverables at every stage to assure project success. Our development team focuses on adding new features to the SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS PDM systems’ base capabilities. Our team of trained developers can offer solutions whether you’re trying to automate a multi-step SOLIDWORKS process or trigger workflow modifications in SOLIDWORKS PDM.

Files from your current sources can be moved into a SOLIDWORKS PDM environment.

Computer Aided Technology may move files from your current sources into the SOLIDWORKS PDM environment while establishing or extending a SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional or Standard environment.

The Zimo  technical team can create a plan for moving your data into your new PDM system after doing a thorough investigation. Zimo can assist whether your data is in an existing system or spread over several network drives.

SOLIDWORKS PDM services can assist your current setup gain functionality.

With our PDM and SOLIDWORKS update solutions, we can totally eliminate the risk associated with updating. One of our specialists can assist by offering support on the day of the update or by handling every upgrade job, such as:

New processes

The workflow is where SOLIDWORKS enterprise PDM Professional, in our opinion, offers the most value. Your business may introduce new PDM Professional processes, such as Engineering Change, New Product Release, and others, with Zimo  assistance. The process workshop will be the first step in the process of gathering requirements, and the PDM setup of the new workflows, data cards, templates, and reports will come next. Even user training and procedure documentation are things we can assist with.


Transition of the SOLIDWORKS PDM Workgroup

Many customers are considering switching to SOLIDWORKS product data management  Standard or Professional in light of the end-of-life announcement for SOLIDWORKS PDM Workgroup. Zimo can assist your business with the move, including installation, migration, administration training, and user training, and can assist you in selecting the optimal solution. Use our professionals to make the transfer easier.

Beyond having access to world-class product development solutions, working with Zimo  has many other benefits. Typically, this is only the beginning of our strategic partnership. Our team of qualified engineers and consultants has established techniques for a wide range of services via industry expertise to assist you and your business in improving your processes and achieving the highest degree of efficiency. Our talents and experiences are varied, encompassing a wide range of industries and applications, whether you are wanting to create a new PDM/PLM system, validate a new design concept, reverse engineer an old design idea, or look to 3D print your design.

Get in touch with Zimo  right away to chat with one of our knowledgeable consultants who can provide you a roadmap of what to anticipate and the choices you’ll need to make throughout an installation. We’ll assist you in identifying all the important factors and warn you about any dangers. Your PLM installation may be a very profitable and worthwhile financial choice that will aid your company in competing and thriving in the market today and in the future by working with skilled specialists.

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