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Conceptual Design

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You imagine potential and possibilities, but you lack the skills necessary to translate those concepts into a unified design. We’ll collaborate with you to create a fantastic design idea that is specifically suited to your needs both today and in the future. After that, we’ll organise everything into a clear bundle so you can comfortably continue working on your project knowing your design concept is still intact with our conceptual design service.

Not sure where to begin? Your vision serves as the basis for concept design. Your ideas will be developed into a design as we specify the project’s goals and other requirements, including the budget and timetable, providing you a clear path ahead.

Project each project determines the Concept Design delivery. After finishing, we collaborate with you to decide on an appropriate next move. It could just be a Concept Image. Alternatively, it can entail a more formal study and design package that includes a Space Program, Site Concept, Schematic Floor Plan, and specific project objectives.


Details for a design will be created based on the technical drawing during the development stage. The project lifecycle includes a vital step called design development. Despite the importance of each step in the design process, the owner has a particularly interesting opportunity to get involved during the design development stage.

A designer and customer will frequently work together to create an interior or external design. It guarantees that every cabinet, appliance, fixture, and finish complies with your preferences and requirements.

While adjusting structural components, Zimo will also work to improve the project’s overall appearance and feel. Your project changes from a picture to a list of specific blueprints.  For Concept Design Services, we’ll collaborate with you to complete the following tasks:

  • Examine your demands and desires for your contemporary house so that we may design a project that will be successful. Additionally, it entails delving deeply into your project’s objectives, site features, financial limitations, and opportunities before balancing and optimising all the jigsaw parts.
  • Recognize the potential of your contemporary house and plan how to build it so that you will love living there for many years to come. In order to guarantee that contemporary design concepts are used when and where they are required, the designer will assess the project in this stage with the help of engineers, municipality agents, and key system specialists.
  • These are all included in the design development services.
  • Discover ways to save time and money while making the most of every chance for your house. Get your design right now, when it matters the most.
  • Create a thorough Concept Design Package that includes the methodology, our findings and motives, and the modern house design.

  We’ll accomplish this in a timely, thorough manner, making sure to consider all possibilities and determining what would work best for you, your site, your budget, and your lifestyle.


Everything necessary to comprehend the design idea for your project is spelled out in the Conceptual Design Package. It is organised and cohesively packaged so there is no space for doubt. You can quickly hand it off to a designer or draughtsman or speak with a builder to get cost estimates before you start complete paperwork and before signing any dotted lines! Here is what is contained:

  • Conceptual Design Illustrations Site plans, floor plans, building elevations, building sections, as well as a few 3D views to illustrate the concept, are all included in the drawings. Depending on the details of the project and any extra services needed, additional drawings could be produced.
  • A list of your next actions and further references and resources for your project, such as connections to suppliers and manufacturers, a suggested material palette, and other helpful details relevant to your project, are provided in the section under “Next Steps & Resources.”
  • Documents for Project Analysis & Exploration (for reference) – A site study, early concept plans, and reference work, as well as a description of our design inspirations, problems, and observations (for inspiration)
  • Background Information about the Project (for reference) – A synopsis of our collaboration methodology and your project brief

The dreams of two recent graduates served as the foundation for Design Concepts. After a successful apprenticeship in the advertising industry, they were eager to prove their talent and succeed. Ten years ago, the result of their hard work and aspiration was designs with the concepts and it changed the industry. Since then, the little creative boutique has come a long way to merit a spot among top creative firms. It has successfully expanded the scope of its services to include every aspect of business communications. The business is located in India’s North India area. Its clientele has significantly grown to include the most well-known corporations from a variety of industries.

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