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We work with governments, operators, and the building sector to create complex infrastructure programs that are safer, more affordable, and more effective. Our optimized engineering and project management services guarantee the success of new projects and the enhancement of current infrastructures.

We fully think that engineering can contribute significantly to quickening the transition to a more sustainable global energy system in the face of global warming and rising power demand.

As a stand-alone engineering services company, we are utilizing our proficiency and experience in challenging infrastructure projects to support the development of low-carbon energy.

Our engineer solutions assistance ensures that our customers’ projects are successful following their requirements and the challenges they face, including optimal delivery, safety and compliance, competitiveness, and ethical considerations, against a background of an industry that is becoming more complex and regulated.

Our engineering services company provides a framework for stakeholder interactions and assists contractors with risk mitigation throughout project conceptualization. Stakeholders include architect engineers, engineering firms, builders, operators, and independent regulatory organizations.

An innovative technical proposal in the service of industrial performance and the energy transition. To ensure the secure construction of their installations on schedule and under budget, we help our customers from the planning phases through the commissioning and operation of their industrial infrastructures.

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A flexible, all-encompassing strategy that incorporates all project phases.

Expertise over a long period in highly regulated and difficult fields.

Our engineering approaches are based on digital knowledge, contributing to productivity and efficiency. Risk management is also used throughout the project to minimize the effects on planning and expenses.

Having a strong safety, security, and regulation culture, we are an essential component of the nuclear, defense, transportation, and other complex industries.

Engineering process digitalization: platform integration, PLM/PMS tools, project management, and analysis.

Experience in execution with a track record that can support project adoption and commercial rollout approval.

Strong methodological culture, as seen by our systems engineering and project management skills.

global reach and ability to mobilize across borders.


Enabling product as a service

Assisting customers transition to as-a-service companies to increase their income sources.


Operations and production

Linking factories and plants across different locations for better management and efficiency.


Capital initiatives

Digitizing significant infrastructure projects to complete them on schedule and budget


Utilizing assets more effectively

The potential of data and technology to boost asset dependability through self-improving processes.


Electronic industrial workforce

Making use of digital technologies to improve worker safety.


Independent robotic systems

Redesigning the production process to promote better machine-human cooperation.

Our multi-disciplined engineering team is aware of our clients’ challenging industrial and manufacturing issues. Our engineering services company is based on years of experience and the knowledge necessary to locate and create distinctive industrial engineering solutions that satisfy the requirements of our clients.

We have cutting-edge technology and often use it to address the most challenging problems faced by our clients. Some of our engineering services include equipment and tooling, facility layout and design, electrical engineering solutions, structural engineering services, systems engineering, paint & process coatings strategies, and systems engineering for conveyance systems.

Without using multiple and expensive prototype interactions, accurately forecast the ever-increasing performance of today’s smart devices using both low- and high-frequency simulations.

Our engineers can solve EM issues at all phases, from prototype to power performance testing to consumer goods, through thorough electromagnetic testing and analysis. With a proven track record of success in consulting and technology across several industries, Zimo Group has grown to become an industry leader in North America.

Because of Zimo Group’s proficiency in electronics design and layout, we can modify any electrical applications to best meet the demands of each project. Regarding quality, responsiveness, and resourcefulness, we have high criteria for ourselves.

For all of our ongoing projects, Zimo Group prioritizes open communication and transparency throughout the process to inform our clients that their ad hoc demands and alterations are acknowledged and taken care of. 

A full range of general engineering services, including complicated issue resolution, product/process improvement, design review, machine/system analysis, bespoke equipment design, and project management, are offered by ZIMO engineers. You can rely on the expertise and practical experience of our engineers. ZIMO is unrivaled when designing and implementing mechanical integrity programs for mill-wide or small operators. We start by identifying your unique demands, and we then tailor your strategy to meet all of them. To aid in evaluating vessels, pipes, and storage tanks, ZIMO employs both commercially available (Nastran, Autodesk Simulation Mechanical, CFD, LS-Dyna, Solidworks Simulation, COMPRESS) and in-house custom-designed tools.

Thanks to our significant industry experience and in-depth knowledge of corrosion and materials engineering, we can create inspection plans tailored to certain processes, ensuring that the proper inspection is carried out straight away. Using the suggested methods from API RP 579, we can perform cradle-to-grave engineering designs and cutting-edge Fitness-For-Service approaches. Corrosion/materials engineers play a critical role in determining the origin of damage since they frequently work as a multidisciplinary team. Additionally, they choose the material characteristics that will be utilized in the evaluation, calculate remaining life (including future corrosion allowance), and create the necessary strategies for monitoring or treatment.

Our structural engineers have years of practical expertise in the field and are skilled in damage assessment, evaluations, inspections, and repair plans for concrete, steel, masonry, pre-tensioned concrete, and post-tensioned concrete. Our investigation-based problem-solving techniques and restoration concepts concentrate on vehicle collision, high-wind/storm damage, corrosion, decay, structural material cracking, shoddy construction, and distressed properties.

Mechanical, structural, industrial, and materials engineers offer various services to various sectors, including safety engineering. We assist clients in lowering risk and increasing efficiency through sound engineering procedures and practical problem-solving techniques. In order to do this, we evaluate the current equipment, plan repairs and retrofits, and prioritize safety and economies.


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